Kindle 2 – A New Hope

I’ve read many reviews of Amazon’s new version of its Kindle eBook reader. It seems to be a general consensus that the new version is a huge improvement over the previous one.

Being based in Rio de Janeiro I cannot get a Kindle 2, as they are not sold overseas, and the import tax would really kill its attractiveness. The pictures I’ve seen to substantiate what the reviews indicate: the new Kindle looks much better than the previous one.

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Amazon seems to be onde right track with the Kindle, as Sony seems to be going in a general good direction with its own eBook reader. When visiting a Sony store in San Francisco I had the oppotunity to try the Sony reader and it gave a much better impression than what I had seen of the Kindle. With the new version, Amazon seems to be making up the difference in design effort.

In general principle, in looking for an ebook reader, I would prefer one that is tied up to Amazon then one that is tied to the Sony online book store. This seems to be the big selling point for Amazon’s Kindle.

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