Sony is making available free ebooks

An article on Ars Technica called to my attention that Sony is making available books which have been scanned into PDF by Google, on its online store. These books have already been available directly from Google, but it seems that they get special formatting for the Sony Reader if downloaded from the store.

Most of these books are texts from before 1920 and while some might be considered classics, others are just old and outdated. While we should welcome the preservation and availablity of all literary work, it is not clear if this will have any significant impact on the perceived value of the Sony Reader.

The new model Reader recently released by Sony as a “primium” product and not as a replacement for the model already on the market offers a screen with half the shades of grey available on the new Kindle 2 (8 opposed to 16), while boasting a significantly higher price at $499,00.

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