Amazon introduces a BIG Kindle

Amazon introduced this week the Kindle DX. The new product is essentially a much larger version of the Kindle 2 with the capability of displaying native PDF files. You can expect that without the need to make the document fit on the smaller screen of the Kindle and still be readable the reading experience will be much better.

Early pictures show great looking images of newspapers and we can expect that textbooks will be much more at home in this new device. In fact it seems that Amazon is specifically targetting newspapers and textbooks with this new device. This strategy makes a lot of sense to me, as these publications don’t really fit well on a small screen.

The price of this new device, on the other hand, is a bit puzzling. At $489.00 the Kindle DX is too expensive to become a mass market phenomenon. I can only image that it is the e-ink display that makes the device so expensive as you can get great netbooks a lot cheaper.

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