The Audiobook alternative

There are still a lot of people that haven’t yet tried listening to a book, instead of reading it. I was in pretty much that situation, up to a bit over a year ago. I had had very little contact with audio books, up until then. In fact, the only person I knew that was a regular consumer of audio books what a friend that has a slight vision impairment that makes it hard for him to read at night.

It was by chance that I actually “read” my first audio book. I had been reading several books in a collection and when I got to the last one, it wasn’t available as an ebook and I really wasn’t looking forward to waiting around for the book to be delivered from Amazon. I looked a bit around and found the audio book version for emmidiate download. That decided it for me. I could keep on reading my story without any delay.

I can’t say that I prefer to listen to books then to read them, but I found new ways to be entertained by books, with the help of a few audio books and my iPod. I now listen to books when I go to work and come back home. When I go to the supermarket, when I’m travelling and whenever I have lunch by my self. I found that listening to a good book, makes me consider the time spent in all these activities as much more pleasant and productive.

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