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I’m currently right in the middle of the process of setting up an apartment for my family to move to, within this month. As I have a sizable collection of books, the question of how and where to store them came boiling up as I realized that while I’m moving to a larger apartment, it’s got no bookcases.

This got me into thinking about my book reading and buying habits over the last few years. It seems that it wasn’t without reason that I decided to write about eBooks as the vast majority of the books I’ve read over the past four or five years where ebooks. The great exception here are the books I buy while traveling abroad, to read during the flights.

At home, it seems, I not only prefer to read on my iPod, but I difficulty reading a normal. I guess that the fact that I’m always very busy writing a post for one my blogs, an article or a book makes my family consider my book reading time as being a good chance to get some more interaction with dad. (Which I guess is totally valid reasoning.)

While ebooks don’t require bookcases and therefore aren’t really troubling me for this imminent move, their portability is still quite a bit of a nuisance. I’ve got a large number of titles in Mobipocket format, but Mobipocket is dragging its feet on support for the platforms I now use: iPod/iPhone and OS X. Sure, I can get around the OS X through the use of the Windows version within a Virtual Machine, but not such work around is available for my iPod.

On the other hand, the regular books are very much on my mind now. I have the habit of giving away my non-fiction books, but I totally refuse to part with the fiction ones. I guess, the next time I go looking for an apartment I should consider the need to have a library. 🙂

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