Random thoughts on Stanza eBook reader

Stanza seems to be a generally well regarded ebook reader for the iPhone and iPod Touch. As it is available for both Windows and OS X, it attracted my attention. First I downloaded it on my MacBook but it is so minimalistic that it just seemed incomplete to me. As if development had been abruptly halted before the product was ready.

As I ran into the snag that Baen sells some pre-release texts only in formats which are incompatible with the eReader software which I regularly used, I decided to give Stanza a chance again. I bought the books from Baen and started reading the first one of them. My opinion hasn’t changed much, though. Now, more than before, I have a feeling that the software isn’t really ready for mainstream usage, though it seemed promising. I say that it seemed so, in the past tense, because it seems that the company behind the software has been acquired by Amazon, which already has more than one initiative in this area.

In the next days I’m planning on trying out Stanza on my iPod to see if, on that platform, it lives up to my, maybe exaggerated, expectations.

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