Gibraltar series: Three good science fiction books

After eleven years I’ve finally completed the Gibraltar series by Michael McCollum. I enjoyed all three books and actually read them quickly.  Eleven years was just the interval between the first and last book of the series were published.
Now that you don’t have to wait as long to read the last book, I highly recommend this series.  The first book, called Gibraltar Earth tells of humanity’s first encounter with an extraterrestrial intelligence and of the chilling revelation that one species dominates all others in hundreds of thousands of worlds. Those who won’t submit are summarily destroyed.
In Gibraltar Earth the humanity takes its first steps in confirming the information that the have been given is in fact true.  While in the following two books the story plays out in ways which are not totally unexpected and that can sometimes be quite predictable, the reading is light and generally entertaining.
Gibraltar Earth was one of the very first ebooks I purchased, back in 1999.  I read that first novel in paper form, after printing it out on an HP Laser printer.  Gibraltar Sun, the second book in the series was read on my notebook’s screen while the last title, Gibraltar Stars, was read on my iPod.  I guess this progression shows just how far ebooks have come in these eleven years.

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