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The Climate is Changing… Can eBooks help?

I love my traditional, paper, books as much as any other book lover does.  Holding a reading device while sitting in a confortable armchair doesn’t really equal sitting in the same chair with a nice, original, book in your hands…

But… Let’s get real about it… We’re in a changing world.  There are too many of us, placing too much strain on our environment.  Our climate is changing and it doesn’t seem to be for the better.  Can we really justify the continued use of paper books when they are not necessary?

Over the past four years I must have purchased somewhere around twenty paperback or hardcover books.  During the same period, I have certainly aquired more than one hundred and fifty eBooks and some ten audiobooks.  While the overall phisical experiece might be different, my enjoyment of the works themselves was not diminshed at all.  In this last month alone I read over ten eBooks and listned to six audiobooks.  

If you haven’t yet started to make the move to electronic, you should try it.   Do your little bit to help reduce climate change by reading in electronic books, using a low power device such as a Kindle, a Sony Reader or on your iPod or iPhone. 

The Audiobook alternative

There are still a lot of people that haven’t yet tried listening to a book, instead of reading it. I was in pretty much that situation, up to a bit over a year ago. I had had very little contact with audio books, up until then. In fact, the only person I knew that was a regular consumer of audio books what a friend that has a slight vision impairment that makes it hard for him to read at night.

It was by chance that I actually “read” my first audio book. I had been reading several books in a collection and when I got to the last one, it wasn’t available as an ebook and I really wasn’t looking forward to waiting around for the book to be delivered from Amazon. I looked a bit around and found the audio book version for emmidiate download. That decided it for me. I could keep on reading my story without any delay.

I can’t say that I prefer to listen to books then to read them, but I found new ways to be entertained by books, with the help of a few audio books and my iPod. I now listen to books when I go to work and come back home. When I go to the supermarket, when I’m travelling and whenever I have lunch by my self. I found that listening to a good book, makes me consider the time spent in all these activities as much more pleasant and productive.