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Barnes & Noble enters the eBook reader market with the "Nook"

Barnes & Noble has just made its move to enter the eBook reader market with the introduction of its own device.  This device, called “Nook” is proof that there is plenty of chance for innovation in this field.  The Nook adds a small, full color, screen underneath the eInk screen which is used for displaying the content for reading.

By using this separate screen Barnes & Noble elegantly worked around the most inconvenient aspect of the currently available crop of eBook readers: navigating through your content.

The eInk screen used in just about every eBook reader out there is great for displaying black on white content as it does not require energy to maintain the image being displayed.  This allows for incredibly long lasting battery charges which is a great aspect for a device you would want to carry on a long trip.

On the other hand eInk displays have notorious slow refresh times making them a pain for quickly displaying options and menus for navigating the devices actual content.  By using a separate, touch enabled, display for the navigation, the Nook allows for much simpler and faster navigation with a richer end-user experience as it can display book covers in full color.

The Nook’s appearance is very similar to that of the Kindle 2, with the color screen taking the space used by a keyboard in Amazon’s product.

In addition to the second screen, the Nook also goes beyond the Kindle in communication options as it allows the usage of WiFi for downloading content, allowing users to take advantage of any hotspot to get new books.  With an introductory price of $259, the Nook could be an interesting alternative for those considering getting an eBook reader.